Metrosideros Tahitian Sunset
Metrosideros collina (Pacific Island Species)
A colourful dwarf growing sport of M. collina ‘Tahiti’ has elegant cream variegated foliage; the new growth is soft like deer velvet & highlighted in winter by bold pink-red flush on the new growth. To complement the foliage brilliant scarlet bottle bush like blooms are produced intermittently throughout the year from cluster of dusty white buds, these colourful blooms are most welcome in the winter months. Quite distinct from the more familiar Metrosideros excelsa by its compact size & well rounded shrubby form. Hardy in costal locations, & as frost tolerant as other NZ Pohutukawa. Great landscaping versatility, excellent in containers. Attractive in all seasons. Protect from heavy frosts. 1 x 1m.
Brilliant scarlet bottle rush like flowers.
Elegant cream variegated foliage highlighted by bold pink-red flush on the new growth.
Compact size & well rounded shrubby form.
Moist, fertile soils. Full sun for best foliage colour.
Will be damaged by temperatures below 0°C. USDA Zone 8-11.
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