Cercis Hearts of Gold
Cercis canadensis
The first known, gold-foliaged Cercis – selected in the USA. New leaves emerge tinted bronze then turn to gold, and where leaves are shaded by others, will turn to green. ‘Hearts of Gold’ offers a perfect way to brighten even the greyest day, and provides a riot of colour in early spring flower, even before the bright golden foliage emerges. Tiny lavender-purple blooms are early harbingers of spring in the landscape. And in summer, the gold foliage is burn-resistant even in full sun. As vigorous as green varieties, and a great complement for ‘Forest Pansy’ in the garden. ‘Hearts of Gold’ will grow to 3m in the first 5 years. At maturity it will reach 4.5m tall by 5.4m wide, making it perfect as a specimen plant for the modern landscape. Hardy. 4.5 x 4.5m
Masses of tiny lavender-purple blooms cover the bare leafless stems from early spring.
New leaves emerge tinted bronze before turning gold.
Vase shaped.
Best grown in well drained soils in full sun or partial shade. Drought tolerant.
Eligible for protection. (Not Sold).



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